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The Alliance offers subscribing members the information they need to engage through commercial and governmental avenues. This communications and educational work includes engagement with NH state legislators, regulators, and executive agencies. State law, administrative rules, government payer systems, and commercial insurer regulation and rate making will be critical focus areas. The Alliance will monitor federal government actions and keep members informed of agency and legislative developments and opportunities. 


A membership subscription is recommended for: any business, company, or nonprofit with direct (hands-on) involvement in telehealth as either a provider or administrator of telehealth services (i.e.: hospitals, primary care, specialists, dentistry, urgent care, technology developers & providers, etc.). In addition, any business, company, or nonprofit with non-direct involvement in telehealth (i.e.: healthcare programs & consumer organizations, medical and healthcare providers’ organizations, educational institutions, etc.). 


$300 for a subscription that expires Dec. 31, 2022 and includes up to 5 contacts within your organization.


Public policy information: Receive regular updates on the latest federal and state legislation and agency rulemaking that may impact your current operations and practices to inform your advocacy efforts. 

Advocacy: Alliance staff will stay ahead of telehealth and broadband issues and advocate for funds, policies, projects, and rules that support a robust, accessible, and future-proof telehealth environment in New Hampshire.

Resources: Have on-demand access to exclusive educational and informational resources.  

Quarterly webinar: Access to free monthly webinars featuring industry developments, legislative and agency updates, as well as educational topics. 

COMING SOON! Clinical & practice supports trainings: Access to clinical trainings for telehealth practitioners. 

Contact: Get access to complete Alliance directory of subscribers. 

Annual Summit: Discounted rates to attend Annual Summit. 

Visibility: Your linked logo on the website. 

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