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Advancing telehealth policies for a healthier tomorrow.


Telehealth policy has progressed in NH, driven by technological advances and workforce short falls. The COVID-19 pandemic brought the need to rapidly alter care and accelerate changes to regulation, consumer engagement and payment systems. 

The Alliance seeks to support a well-considered and robust telehealth industry in NH by elevating the voices of all stakeholders, providing telehealth training, and advocating for universal access to reliable broadband across NH. This effort welcomes healthcare providers, technology providers and developers, advocacy and consumer organizations to play a significant role. Efforts informed by the Alliance will aim to ensure better access and cost-effective benefits of this modern healthcare structure based on telehealth services. 

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NH Business Review:

"Inside New Hampshire's Telehealth Push"

NH Business Review editor Jeff Feingold talks with Jim Monahan, Founder of the NH Telehealth Alliance and Deb Fournier, the organization’s policy advisor, about their case that New Hampshire needs to normalize telehealth and provide long-term regulatory support for telehealth initiatives and the companies investing in them, replacing temporary initiatives created to address the pandemic.

NH Business Review: 

"Tech Tidbits From Around NH: NH Telehealth Alliance formed, STEM docents sought … and more"

The NH Business Review highlights the newly formed NH Telehealth Alliance as the Alliance supports the efforts of healthcare providers, technology providers and developers, advocacy and consumer organizations to ensure better access and cost-effective benefits of this modern health care structure based on telehealth services.

"Telehealth booming due to Covid19 – New Telehealth Alliance forming in NH"

NH Telehealth Alliance Founder, Jim Monahan, discusses the expansion in use of telehealth in NH with Fred Kocher and Dennis Walker, Seacoast Mental Health Center's Emergency Services Director on WMUR.

"Roger Wood Talks Telehealth With Jim Monahan"'s associate publisher, Roger Woods, interviews NH Telehealth Alliance Founder, Jim Monahan, about the creation of the NH Telehealth Alliance following the challenging environment created by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the future of telehealth in NH. 

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